Brand new cosplay guides for two of Aloy's new outfits in Horizon Forbidden West

When we released our announcement trailer for Horizon Forbidden West, some (Sun)hawk-eyed fans already spotted updates to Aloy’s iconic outfit. The newly introduced armor that Aloy was wearing in our latest gameplay trailer also inspired cosplayers to quickly get started on recreating her costume!

We understand that creating costumes from trailers alone can be a challenging venture, so to help our community, our team set out to create our most detailed cosplay guides yet! For those who want a closer look at the new outfits from Horizon Forbidden West, check out our cosplay guides below.

The Nora Huntress armor, originally stitched by Teb and accentuated by Aloy’s own design can be found here.

The Utaru Harvester armor uses a variety of natural materials found near Utaru territory, its cosplay guide can be found here.

Our team takes great pride in our character designs, and we love it when they inspire you to create your own art. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you’re planning to cosplay as, or create any other form of art of Aloy using these cosplay guides!

Tag us on Twitter and Instagram and use the #BeyondTheHorizon hashtag when you post your creations, and we might reach out to feature you in one of our upcoming Community Spotlights!

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