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It takes hundreds of talented creatives with a wide range of skills to create Guerrilla’s quality entertainment experiences. Hear from some of our Guerrillas below.

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“What we do at Guerrilla pushes the boundaries of the industry, which makes my work so interesting. It is also amazing to work with such talented people. You can feel how everyone loves their job and such passion is contagious.”

Joined Guerrilla: Noc 1 2020

“The people, the atmosphere, the challenge of making the impossible possible, and our relentless quest to make the best games possible. Working at Guerrilla is never dull, we always strive to create experiences that leave people in wonder, not just the players, but also ourselves.”

Joined Guerrilla: Oct 1 2003

“As a Senior World Designer at Guerrilla, I get to interact with people from teams all over Guerrilla every single day - Environment Art, Writing, Robot Design, Lighting, VFX, and more. It's wonderful not only to have had a hand in shaping the beautiful world of The Forbidden West (and now The Burning Shores), but also to get to work with so many talented people to bring our collective vision to life.”

Joined Guerrilla: February 2020

“Guerrilla is a very inspiring workplace with so many creative and talented people. Inspiration is to be found everywhere, not with just the people but in its location as well which is the the center of Amsterdam. As an artist, you get so much creative freedom so your contributions will really make an impact on the overall project.”

Joined Guerrilla: September 2009


Our wages are competitive, but the benefits don't stop there. We offer comprehensive health and life insurance, plenty of days off, mental health support, a profit-sharing scheme, access to games, social activities, and much more.

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Life at Guerrilla

Life's about more than work. We offer a variety of social clubs and team events, but also ensure you have the time to explore Amsterdam and Europe, while building your life here.

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