Introducing Decima

We couldn't be too concerned before, too busy making games. Besides, everybody knows that Naming Things is the number one problem in software design. But we found a new partner, and they were adamant about Doing This Right. And you need to have a name. Otherwise you can't announce it.

That partner is Kojima Productions, with whom we're sharing our engine, and collaborating on the future of it. It's been an incredible experience working with a team so stupendously brilliant, ridiculously creative and so much fun as they are for the past period of time.

There's a real connection between the teams in many levels and it's going to be so much fun making that closer and richer. Today we also announced that we're setting up a small outpost in the form of Kojima Amsterdam to make that work.

Interesting times ahead!

- Michiel van der Leeuw -
Technical Director

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