Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition PC specifications revealed

Today we are happy to share the Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition PC system requirements and give you more details about some of the customization options that have been added.  

To ensure the game runs on a wide variety of PC hardware, we've included graphics presets ranging from very low to very high. This allows gamers with the latest hardware to push their systems, while also providing a great experience on less powerful PCs. Below you'll find an overview of the specifications we recommend for a variety of presets available in the game.  

If you prefer to tweak settings and visuals to your own liking, you'll find plenty of options in the launcher and in the game menus. Next to individual quality settings for textures, level of detail, shadows, water, terrain and more, you can use sliders to adjust the field of view and visual effects like motion blur and film grain. You'll also find toggles to adjust full screen effects like radial blur, lens flares, bloom and vignette to taste. 

On behalf of the teams at Guerrilla and Nixxes, we are looking forward to bringing Aloy’s latest adventure to a new audience on PC on March 21.  

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