Horizon Zero Dawn Issue #4 Is Out Today!

Ahead of its video game debut in Horizon Forbidden West, the Shellsnapper springs into action in Horizon Zero Dawn issue #4 by Titan Comics!

Talanah’s search for the hunter-killer takes an unexpected turn when the discovery of a hidden Cauldron door brings her face to face with its guardian: the mighty Shellsnapper. Heavily armed and equipped with an impenetrable shell, this new machine may prove too much even for a Sunhawk. Will Talanah manage to seal off the Cauldron before more machines emerge?

The explosive finale to Talanah’s story arc by artist Ann Maulina and writer Anne Toole features a variety of gorgeous covers from fan-favorite artists such as Peach Momoko, Lois van Baarle and Harvey Tolibao (pictured below). If you haven’t pre-ordered issue #4 yet, make sure you secure a physical copy from your local comic book dealer, or purchase it digitally via Comixology!

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