Horizon Zero Dawn Part Of Arranged Realism Exhibit

Guerrilla is proud to announce that Horizon Zero Dawn will be part of the exhibit “Arranged Realism - Art In Games” at the Museum Belvédère in Heerenveen-Oranjewoud in the Netherlands.

Running from October 9 to January 23, Arranged Realism explores the artistry that goes into creating today’s intricately detailed virtual game worlds. In addition to tracing the inspiration for Horizon Zero Dawn’s stunning vistas back to late-19th century American luminism and European naturalism in landscape art, the exhibit also examines the concept art of games such as Fallout 4, Desperados III and Dishonored 2. Visitors will be able to experience these works through virtual reality, 3D prints of in-world objets, and interactive installations.

Alongside the exhibit, Museum Belvédère and publisher Noordboek will release a copiously illustrated 84-page publication written by Merijn de Boer and designed by Gert Jan Slagter. The publication, which includes contributions from several Dutch and international game developers, will be available in the Museum Belvédère gift shop; residents of The Netherlands and Belgium can also order a copy through the museum’s webshop.

We hope to share some photos from the Horizon Zero Dawn segment of the exhibit on our social channels soon, so be sure to follow Guerrilla on Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates!

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