Horizon Zero Dawn Volume 1: The Sunhawk is Out Now

Today we release Horizon Zero Dawn Volume 1: The Sunhawk, the graphic novel set after the events of the critically acclaimed, award-winning video game Horizon Zero Dawn! A new adventure with Talanah and Aloy awaits!

In the aftermath of a titanic battle that almost laid waste to the capital city of Meridian, Talanah, one of the greatest machine-hunters in the land, struggles to find her place in the rebuilding effort. Making matters worse, Aloy, her trusted friend and confidant, has disappeared. When a new threat emerges in the hinterlands, she must decide how best to serve her tribe, her friends, and herself.

Horizon Zero Dawn Volume 1: The Sunhawk collects Horizon Zero Dawn comic issues #1-4. You can purchase your copy below.

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