New Horizon Forbidden West Merch on PlayStation Gear Store

The PlayStation Gear Store has returned to Europe, along with a new line of official Horizon Forbidden West merchandise! Released under Guerrilla’s own Horizon Raw Materials brand, the line kicks off with three fashionable t-shirt designs and three pieces of sturdy drinkware.

The blue and grey t-shirts feature artful single-color designs, while the black t-shirt boasts a striking full-color profile of Aloy. All three are printed on 100% cotton for comfortable wear. Meanwhile, the drinkware consists of a grey aluminium water bottle with a stylized Tallneck design, and two navy and sky blue mugs sporting stylized designs of the Focus and the Watcher, respectively.

In addition to the new Horizon Forbidden West merchandise, the PlayStation Gear Store also offers a selection of popular Horizon Zero Dawn merchandise, including Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game by Steamforged Games, Horizon Zero Dawn: The Sunhawk by Titan Comics, and a limited re-issue of the 4-disc vinyl soundtrack courtesy of Republic of Music.

Whether you’re after the latest Horizon Forbidden West merch or looking to round out your Horizon Zero Dawn collection, the PlayStation Gear Store is an essential destination for any Horizon fan. There are more exciting Horizon Raw Materials items planned for the future, so make sure to follow @guerrilla on Twitter for the latest updates!

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