New Horizon Forbidden West Prints Available at Cook and Becker

Guerrilla and Cook and Becker are proud to announce a new art print drop for Horizon Forbidden West.

To end the year with a resonating blast, Cook and Becker have just revealed two new gorgeous art prints made from official concept art of Horizon Forbidden West!

The first one is a stunning piece of the Shellsnapper, a turtle-like machine notable for its expert natural camouflage. This print shows a lush swamp vista as well as a stealthy Aloy (riding a Clawstrider) in the corner.

The second print is the majestically terrifying Tremortusk; based on a mammoth, this machine is adorned in war paint and used as a mount by a rebellious tribe faction in the Forbidden West. The artwork perfectly captures a critical decision Aloy will face many times: face her enemies head on, or find a more tactical approach?

Both art prints are museum-grade quality limited-editions, and each print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. The prints are available worldwide from today in the Cook and Becker online store.

We hope you enjoy!

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