Queen Máxima to visit Guerrilla

Her Majesty Queen Máxima will pay a working visit to the games industry on Tuesday 12th September. The visit will focus on the developments and growth of the games industry in the Netherlands. The visit to the Dutch Games Association will take place at Guerrilla in Amsterdam, where Queen Máxima will receive a tour and speak with representatives from the games industry.

During her visit, Queen Máxima will speak with Guerrilla employees about the growth from a start-up to a major game studio. The sector has attracted a lot of talent from abroad due to the rapid growth and shortage of the Dutch market. The important role that technology plays in game development is also discussed. Using 'Horizon Forbidden West', the developers will discuss reflections of current social and ecological challenges in games. The collaboration of Guerrilla with the Rijksmuseum will also be discussed.

During the conversation with the makers of the game Hackshield, the focus will be on how this game contributes to the education of young people in the field of digitalization and how they can arm themselves in the digital world.

Finally, Queen Máxima will speak to the Dutch Games Association about the Dutch games industry and the role of games in society. The contributions of games to creativity, skills and the economy will also be discussed, as well as the role of the Netherlands within the global games industry. Attention will also be paid to the downsides of gaming.

The Dutch gaming industry consists of approximately 630 companies that together have more than 4,500 employees. Game companies in the Netherlands make entertainment games and applied games that have a social role and impact. Over the past three years, an average of 18 percent annual turnover growth has been achieved. Half of the Dutch, more than 8.7 million people, play games.

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