Architecting Jolt Physics for Horizon Forbidden West


Jorrit Rouwe is Lead Game Tech at Guerrilla and has been working there since 2000. He worked on most of the games in the Killzone series and both Horizon titles. He works on high level game engine features like the physics engine, animation, scripting and streaming systems.


For Horizon Forbidden West, Guerrilla switched from a commercial physics engine to Jolt Physics, an open-source physics engine that was born as a personal hobby project. By switching to this new engine, we saved memory, executable size and were able to double our simulation frequency while using less CPU time. This talk describes how we use a physics engine at Guerrilla, how our previous physics engine caused bottlenecks while streaming in data and while interacting with the multi-threaded game object update. Jolt was architected specifically to help solve these two problems and the talk explains two of the systems that made this possible.

After listening to this talk, you should have a good idea of how Guerrilla uses a physics engine in HFW and the requirements our multithreaded game object update puts on a physics engine. You’ll learn specifically about the implementation of a lock free broadphase and a lock free simulation island building algorithm.

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