Horizon Zero Dawn: An Open World QA Case Study

Abstract: A retrospective of how Developer (Guerrilla) and Publisher QA (SIE) worked together in partnership to help deliver a AAA experience. The presentation will focus on the victories and the challenges we faced as part of testing such an ambitious open-world title, and leveraging automated test solutions and telemetry to inform exploratory test strategy. The presentation will talk about how we managed teams over a 21 month testing lifecycle, with a team ranging from small internal test teams, before scaling up to a team of 70+ people across the globe with tens of thousands of test hours invested. The presentation will cover the successes and challenges relating to our people; early engagement, communication, trust, agility and collaboration. Our processes; risk management, test strategy, and post launch support, and our tools; Telemetry, Risk Registers, Worldwide build delivery.

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