Making Tools for Big Games


Michiel van der Leeuw is Studio Director and Technical Director at Guerrilla. He started programming on an Atari ST and his first professional gig was doing all Engine, Platform and Tools code for Jazz Jackrabbit 2 when aged 17. He's worked in various programmer positions, has been team lead and later Technical Director. Apart from his Studio Director duties he moonlights on the Tools Team as a programmer and muse.


Game development is producing more complex, beautiful, intricate and voluminous games at a rapidly accelerating pace. Underlying this explosion in beauty and complexity are tools that allow us to iterate faster, find bugs quicker, remain overview over larger datasets more easily and keep on iterating for longer. This talk goes into detail of aspects of Guerrilla's own Decima Engine and its tools that support this. From high-level workflows to low-level data stores, this is a potpourri of things you need to Make Big Games.

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