Scaling Tools for Millions of Assets for Horizon Forbidden West


David Marcelis is a Senior Tools Programmer at Guerrilla. Joining in 2018, he has worked on source control, build systems, packaging, and other tools-related work for Horizon Forbidden West as well as supporting the release of Horizon Zero Dawn PC.


Horizon Forbidden West is Guerrilla's biggest game to date. Keeping up with the rapidly increasing size of the content required significant improvements to our tooling.?

This talk will explain how we redesigned the asset database and content loading in the Decima engine to scale to millions of files. These new tools are so powerful that it fundamentally changed the way we work with content at scale. By streaming all content from a single server and maintaining metadata of all assets in memory we can make sure our editor, game and other tools remain performant and responsive while working with huge numbers of assets. This led to a solution where we can work on the game without needing to read any files.

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