Space-Efficient Content Packaging for Horizon Forbidden West


Jan-Jaap is a Senior Principal Tech Programmer at Guerrilla Games. For the last 12 years, he has been working on the Decima Game Engine, focusing on loading and streaming systems, memory allocators and the asset conversion pipeline.


Horizon Forbidden West presents a complex challenge of packaging and loading massive quantities of game content.

In this session, Jan-Jaap Fahner, Principal Tech Programmer at Guerrilla B.V., presents an algorithm for deterministically analyzing the graph of game content to generate space-efficient content packages, allowing for any combination of content to be loaded and unloaded at any time with a minimal number of read operations. The process is fully automatic and requires no modification of artists’ workflow or content setup.

Jan-Jaap also presents techniques for incremental graph update during content development, and discuss the tradeoff of on-disk data duplication for faster load times.

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