UIPainter: Tile-Based UI Rendering In One Draw Call


Wessel Mast is a Tools Programmer at Guerrilla. He has spent the last three years working on the Decima Editor, Guerrilla’s custom game editor, with most of that time spent working on its UI framework. Outside of work he enjoys playing music, surfing and traveling the world. Come say hi!


Every game editor needs a user interface. It is how we allow developers to create content for the game in a visual way. A good UI renderer has clear-cut constraints, like drawing nicely anti-aliased primitives, yet programmers have vastly different approaches to rendering game editor UI. In this session, Wessel Mast, Tools Programmer at Guerrilla, will tell you about how Guerrilla’s editor ‘Decima’ renders UI: how it uses a tile-based renderer, commonly used in light culling, SSAO, depth of field and more, for drawing complex UI in an efficient manner and how it manages to draw thousands of primitives like rectangles, lines and curves in one draw call using signed distance fields.

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