Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition for PC - Patch 1.01 is now available

Guerrilla; 14 August 2020

HZN ZDCE Imagery 1 1920x1080

Our team has been working on a patch that addresses several issues with Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition for PC, which is available to download now.

We’re very grateful for all the reports and posts from our players so far! Some issues still need more investigation and testing, so our team is hard at work on the next patch which will go live next week.

If you are experiencing issues, please continue to send us your crash reports; additionally, you can go here to report any other problems you might encounter.

Although we are not able to get back to every report, we sincerely appreciate the continued support from our community. We care deeply about creating an enjoyable experience for everyone playing Horizon Zero Dawn, and we will continue to work on further enhancements based on your feedback.