Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition for PC - Patch 1.07 is now available

Guerrilla; 4 November 2020

HZN ZDCE Imagery 1 1920x1080

Horizon Zero Dawn for PC Patch 1.07

Hi everyone!

We’re happy to announce that Patch 1.07 for Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition is now live! As we mentioned in our previous update, our team has been hard at work on some of the trickier graphical issues, which needed some more time in development.

With Patch 1.07 the team has rewritten the way the engine deals with shaders and shader-optimisation. This results in the optimisation step becoming optional, as well as the Anisotropic Filtering option now working as expected.

What this means for you: upon starting the game, it will start optimising shaders in the Main Menu each time. Shaders will also still be optimised during gameplay, but this now happens automatically in the background.

Letting the game run the initial shader optimization is completely optional, so if you want to jump straight in, you can skip it; letting this process finish before playing will improve your loading times in the game. Please note that changing AF settings can take some time depending on your PC hardware.

Additionally, this patch introduces a change to motion blur not working as intended and fixes issues with Aloy’s hair, both in Photo Mode and while the game was paused. We want to remind you that if you’re not comfortable playing with motion blur, you can turn this off in the Settings Menu.

You can find the Known Issues and full Patch Notes for Patch 1.07 below; if your issue isn’t among them, you can continue to send us your reports here.

Take care,